Adding a Valid Location on your IDVisor Smart Device

Adding a Valid Location on your IDVisor Smart Device

Adding a Valid Location on your IDVisor Smart Device

Adding valid locations on your IDVisor Smart device will allow you to add Zip Codes, Cities, States, and Addresses that you would like to mark as a Valid Locations.

Follow the directions provided below to add a valid location list on to your IDVisor Smart device.

Items required:

  1. Micro USB Cable or USB Type C cable (For Smart V2 and Smart Plus units)
  2. Spreadsheet software i.e. Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, etc.


Step 1: Create your list of valid locations.

This list can include Zip Codes, Cities, States and Street addresses that you would like to mark as a Valid Locations.

The spreadsheet should be formatted in the following order: Zip Code, City, State, Address.

Do not include column header names. Not all columns are required to be filled. 

After creating your list, save the list as Valid_Locations.csv. This list must be save as a Comma Delimited .csv file.

Once the list has been created, connect your IDVisor Smart device to your PC and copy the created Valid_Locations.csv file into the Documents > IDVisorSmart folder.

Folder Path: PDA\Internal shared storage\Documents\IDVisorSmart.


Step 2: After creating you Valid_Locations.csv file we will now upload the list onto the device.

To begin, from the Main screen of the IDVisor Smart select Setup.


Step 3: After selecting Setup, select Configuration.

NoteYour pincode will be required to access the Configuration screen. If the pincode was never changed please see manual for default pin. 


Step 4: In the Configuration screen, select Advanced.


Step 5: In the Advanced window scroll down to Location Checker. Tap on the Location checker option to turn it ON.


Step 6: After turning on the Location Checker, you will be taken to the screen where you can upload you Valid_Locations.csv list.

Select Import Valid Addresses. 


Step 7: After selecting Import Valid Addresses, you will receive a pop up window with instructions on how to create and upload your list.

We have already gone through the steps in the pop up window in Step 1. But you can take this time to double check your list is in the correct format, and the file name is set correctly to Valid_Locations.csv. If the format or file name is incorrect you may receive an error saying Index Outside the Bound of Array. If this error is received please check your list for any errors.

After confirming your list is correct Select Import.

After a successful Import, you will receive a message saying your locations were imported. You will also see all the locations that were on your list added onto your device.

You have successfully imported your Valid_Locations.csv list onto your device.


When scanning a valid location that was on your list you will receive a message saying "ID Address matches a listed address" followed by the location it was matched to.


When scanning an ID with an invalid address that was not added on the list, you will receive a window notifying you the app was "Unable to match ID address with listed address".




If you have any issues importing a valid location list please open a support ticket here.

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